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Satellite images reveal the massive damage left by the Equatorial Guinea explosions

People in Equatorial Guinea witnessed a sequence of blasts ravage the city, making others migrate to safer places. Good samaritans who encountered lost children called into television networks and radio stations seeking their parents. Few days have passed, and Bata residents are still trying to understand the extent of this disaster that has killed 105 people and leftover 600 with injuries. Drone footage revealed a block-to-block view of the destroyed public buildings and the roof remnants scattered over roads and other buildings.

A teacher from Bata stated that there are many children who got separated from their parents after the explosions. The teacher asked that the name be left unanimous for security reasons and to allow the authorities to conduct their investigations. The government shifted the blame of the explosions to farmers inhabiting areas in proximity to the military base. The government said that the farmers might have encountered the dynamite stocks used by the military units protecting them. There will be three days of national mourning for the dead residents. Additionally, $18.19 million has been channeled to respond to the problem with the government declaring Bata a danger zone.

Firefighters are turning the rubble to retrieve bodies and survivors as onlookers continue to weep. The federal and local authorities are both appealing for donations of blood and basic needs for the survivors whose homes have been wrecked. On Wednesday, the emergency response team pulled out a five-year-old trapped by the rubble in the military camp, according to AhoraEG media house. The teacher added that the officials had to keep the bodies in refrigerators to allow the surviving relatives to check for their lost members before burying those left unidentified. Moreover, Okenve, a human rights activist, stated that the number of deaths reported is seemingly low compared to an estimate between 150 and 200 that he has indicated.

Virgilio Seriche, an official spokesperson for the emergency response team, stated that there was nobody being stored in containers and that the actual number of deaths is as reported by the media houses. He explained that the people should believe the data being announced by the government and not other unconfirmed sources. The residents of this area were shaken to the core by the incessant explosions which transpired for hours on Sunday. The health ministry intends to send psychiatrists and psychologists to calm the traumatized residents. The United Nations, through UNICEF, stated that they are sending a team to control the situation and offer aid to the affected individuals.

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