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Hundreds of radar satellites will be deployed by ClimaCell to boost forecasts

ClimaCell, a weather data firm, plans to launch hundreds of radar satellites on February 24. ClimaCell Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Shimon Elkabetz stated in a release, “We are developing the first of its proprietary type satellites fitted with a radar as well as deploying them into space to enhance weather monitoring and prediction capabilities.”

With mini-fridge-sized satellites expected to launch into the low Earth orbit coming year, ClimaCell aims to assess global weather. The weather radar is being built by ClimaCell, as well as the satellite bus is being provided by another firm. Customers of ClimaCell, which was formed in 2016, include Uber Technologies, Delta Air Lines, and Amazon Web Services.

ClimaCell will “improve our forecasting capacities for our current customers, and extend to more” as one of the new ventures, named Operation Tomorrow Space, according to ClimaCell spokesperson Mira Marcus. “The data will be fed into our patented weather models and made available to end-users through our [software-as-a-service] framework. We’ll also partner with a small group of government departments, offering both raw data and model outputs.”

ClimaCell satellites will provide “similar results” to billion-dollar weather satellites such as NASA’s Global Precipitation Mission, according to a press release released on February 24. The firm has decreased the scale of current weather satellites from the scale of a school bus – considered market standard till now – to the scale of a miniature refrigerator to bring the physical transition of ClimaCell’s satellites into context, according to the press statement.

As per a February 24 blog post, ClimaCell “aspires to be the world’s biggest weather enterprise.” “We began with proprietary sensing as well as modeling to more reliably forecast the weather at any point in the world, then developed a software framework on top of it which can be configured to any job and vertical.”

ClimaCell aims to “enhance weather prediction for the entire world” by running its own satellite constellation, according to the blog post. “A network of effective radar will cover Earth for the very first time, delivering real-time measurements to feed weather forecasts at any point in the world. Enhanced hurricane forecasts, flood warnings, and other outcomes would result, as well as fair-weather data in developing as well as developed countries.

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