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Brussels simplifies Installation measures of 500 new EV charging points

One of the main hurdles surrounding electric vehicles includes the fear of inadequate charging stations in recent surveys. It is an issue that many countries globally face, with citizens scared of investing in electric cars due to insufficient infrastructure. In some places, this fear is justified, while people just need education on these resources’ availability in some regions. However, countries with inadequate electric vehicle charging stations are working hard to ensure their availability. And suppose things continue moving forward, the transition to electric vehicles will happen sooner than expected.

A recent report from the Brussel regional government claims that the administration has implemented new ways to pursue its project of installing 250 EV charging stations equal to 500 charging points all over the city. The government adopted around eight new measures to reduce the six-month approval waiting period to two months before installing these charging points. Brussel government aims to have 11,000 functional charging points by 2035, and this move is a step closer to achieving its target.

A recent report from L’Echo shows more than 160 charging stations in the city, with every station supporting two EV charging points. When it comes to EVs’ adoption in the city, it shows 2350 new users. Experts predict that this number with rising with time as the country’s EV popularity increases. And installation of new charging points is an incredible move for the government as it prepares for the inevitable transition in the transport sector to electric vehicles.

Brussel regional government has come up with measures to promote mass adoption of electric vehicles. New EV charging points can be installed currently by requesting an individual or company by sending a message to charge.brussels, an online platform. However, this request has some conditions since you must ensure the absence of a charging point in area coverage of 250 meters from the location you choose.

The government continues to offer maximum support to the electric vehicles industry. Recently, it approved a resolution that will aid faster installation of EV charging stations in private and public car parks. This move will help the government keep track of the available charging points and account for all the areas facing inadequate charging points. Therefore, it can ensure that the EV infrastructure is available for all EV drivers. Now, it is thinking of ways to solve the problem presented by the Siamy Safety Regulations about the safety issue of installation of EV charging points below the first basement.

Brussels leading electricity distributor, Sibelga and Pitpoint, will facilitate installing the new charging points and monitoring the installation process. This bold move to add more charging points is part of the government’s project to decarbonize the region.

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