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Solar projects advance renewable resources in Rhode Island

The renewable energy sector has prominent potential in the energy industry as the planet works on cleaning the world, explaining why various companies invest in this sector. A recent report states that the Clean Tech integrator Ameresco has officially started commercial operation in its Tiverton’s site and mechanical process in Cumberland. This milestone will make Rhode Island achieve new heights. The new functional solar plant will come in handy for the Rhode Island Airport Corporation in America.

Ameresco Tiverton solar plant includes over 12,000 modules with a maximum power capacity of 4.95 MW. Since RIAC will implement these solutions, the sum of the annual cost savings is $380,000 in the operation’s debut year. The Cumberland solar site is yet to move from mechanical process to commercial operation, but it has a robust installation of over 14,000 modules with a power capacity of 5.71MW. It expects the annual cost-savings in its first year of operation to amass to $410,000.

RIAC has ventured into a long-term partnership with Ameresco as an off-taker of clean energy created from both sites. This move is no surprise to many who pay attention to details about RIAC since the company is famous for supporting the development of many environmental programs and sustainable resources intending to minimize emissions from airport operations.

These two sites demonstrate Cumberland and Tiverton’s interest and commitment to implementing environmental-friendly, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Cumberland has prioritized many sustainability initiatives time and again in the last few years. How do the sites achieve this detail? It has installed energy-efficient technologies in collaboration with the public sector, while Tiverton established recycling commissions and local conservation targeting mass education on sustainable initiatives. As a result, people can learn more about the importance of clean energy and other environmental-friendly operations.

The executive vice president in Ameresco, David Anderson, explained that these projects portray the available renewable energy solutions’ benefits. By creating and implementing 10MW plus electric power and achieving over $790,000 on energy savings annually, the projects deliver renewable energy sources that match the state’s target to expand the clean energy sector.

Commercial operation in the Cumberland solar site will begin by April if things go according to the team’s plan. Ameresco is an over two-decades-old renewable asset creator and cleantech integrator with various portfolios, including renewable energy solutions for multiple countries, energy efficiency, asset sustainability, and infrastructure upgrades.

RIAC was founded in 1992 and worked on construction, design, maintenance, and state-owned airports. It is responsible for civil airport landing, flying clubs, navigation facilities, and air schools. Experts and the people are looking forward to the Cumberland solar plant’s commercialization and what the future holds for this agreement.

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