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Harley-Davidson Inc. hires Bain exec to lead new EV Division

The EV industry’s popularity keeps rising with time, thanks to the potential it holds. In early February, Harley-Davidson Inc came public about establishing an electric vehicle division with a leadership team. And the recent report claims that the development team has a leader. The Milwaukee-based company stated that it was eager to work with Ryan Morrissey as the chief electric vehicle officer. Ryan is a former employee of the Bain & Company consulting giant and will be joining Harley on April 1. This move is the company’s demonstration of its commitment to making electric vehicles.

Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz spoke about Morrissey, claiming that he is a man with leading OEMS, working on business ideas to develop and commercialize a business. In other words, he is a complete package who can deal with all the phases of a startup business. Jochen expressed his excitement to welcome Ryan into the team, and the company works on becoming a leading electric vehicles manufacturer.

The company’s first deliverance of their LiveWire cycles to dealers was in 2019 September, with its pricing at $29,799. This early launch was a strategic plan whose fundamental mission was to appeal to young and environmentally conscious people to invest in electric motorcycles. A year later, in October 2020, President Jochez commented that electricity has a crucial role in Harley-Davidson’s future.

In February this year, Zeitz spoke of a chance for a new electric vehicle division to evolve and have the opportunity to partner with other companies to ensure the company’s development in the electrification sector. Ryan Morrissey is a former senior partner and automotive and mobility practice head at the Boston-based company, Bain & Company. His previous duties included focusing on the autonomous fleets and EV product strategies and the transition to electric vehicles.

Ryan Morrisey studied at Lafayette College and MIT Sloan School of Management, where he took up a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and an MBA. His career kicked off at Lutron Electronics, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, in the United States. Ryan worked in Lutron as the first generation software-based control systems for energy management sales lead for a few years.

Experts forecast that Ryan will take Harley-Davidson Inc. to a higher and better level. He will help in the development phase, engineering phase, and sales. In addition to that, this new opportunity comes with resources and finances to amaze the world. The Harley-Davidson company has set its target on becoming one of the top EV carmakers and is working hard towards this goal. People are looking forward to innovations from the company and how far Ryan Morrisey will take the electric vehicle division.

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