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Volkswagen maps out a state-of-the-art electric vehicle that it would be developing

Volkswagen has again come up with an electric vehicle design that will stir competition in this industry. The company stated that the Trinity Project will unveil a battery-electric model in the next five years. The company decided to venture fully into battery and software technology according to the chief executive of the company, Dr. Herbert Diess. The CEO announced that this project will roll out the best models in terms of mileage range, autonomous driving, and quick recharge of the battery. The brand chief executive Ralf Brandstaetter stated that this model will have the automatic driving mode with the highest range among its six other brands that the company is manufacturing.

Brandstaetter explained that the research and development department is exploring the possibility of developing a module where the hardware of the car will not be the primary factor in the engineering of the model. He added that customers will have the opportunity to infuse functions into the car because of the digital ecosystem established in the model.

The company has already launched three electric vehicle models and has declared plans to go 70% electric by the end of this decade. The company’s electric vehicle strategy involves the scaling up of the ID.4, the ID.6, the ID.5, Aero B, and other smaller electric vehicle SUVs through the first half of this decade. Brandstaetter explained that the Trinity Project is for unleashing the software dream car that the company wants to deliver in the market.

The company is utilizing its economies of scale to delve fully into the automatic driving mode and to make it accessible to many people. Brandstaetter stated that this is the best way to get more feedback from the customers in where they can improve and develop models that can thrive in the traffic situation and avoid the obstacles on the way.

Therefore, Trinity is a model that will entice customers as a future machine that they can desire to have when they are busy or exhausted and still want to go to places. The Trinity Project will be substituting the MEB project at the Wolfsburg plant in Germany. The brand development chief Thomas Ulbrich emphasized that this model will be the first advanced system to enjoy a new platform after MEB.

The Trinity Project will be reinventing the coupe sedan, Audi models, Bentley and Porsche cars. The company wants this platform to place the Artemis model from Audi on the rivalry scale with the Mercedes-Benz EQS limousine in the next two years. Experts noted that Volkswagen is focusing on digitization, automation, and lightweight modeling to remain relevant in the market.

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