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The electric vehicle infrastructure in Qatar is a proper channel to pump investment for tech-savvy entities

Qatar is planning to establish its transportation infrastructure to accommodate the new technology that it is transitioning to in the coming years. The country’s vision is to incorporate electric vehicles into a secure, reliable, and eco-friendly transport system. Recently, the country unveiled the developed Doha Metro and will be launching the Lusail light rail transit (LRT). These plans are the country’s strategies to pioneer technology and environmental sustainability through the transportation industry. Moreover, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) intends to roll out electric buses in Qatar to ensure that the public follows through with the transition to clean transportation.

Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA) penned a contract with Yutong, a mega bus and coach distributor, and Mowasalat, which offers transport services in Qatar. This deal will ensure that the development and running of an electric buses factory in Qatar. Previously, the agreement stated that this utility should ensure that a quarter of the cars in the public transport sector are electric by next year. Additionally, the electric buses will gain their first entrance into the transport system via the Qatar Fifa World Cup, where about 1.5 million World Cup visitors can be transferred to the busy stadiums. The country hopes that all its public transport systems can be electrified by the end of this decade. If the local automotive industry pulls through with this move, then the next production of electric vehicles can go into exports.

This trend will peddle Qatar to become an exciting market for foreign investment and establish it as a reputable country in the exportation of electric vehicles. Currently, the rollout of electric buses to Qatar demands the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to sustain the buses. With the high demand for electric vehicles, there will be a high demand for electric vehicle charging stations in Qatar to assure the skeptical customers to purchase the electric models. The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has also joined in the quest to utilize electric vehicles by developing electric vehicle charging stations with the support of the National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tasheed).

The switch to electric transportation is a mega move that is intended to revive the economy that came under pressure in the pandemic period. Experts are certain that more electric vehicles will allow the government to get involved in the establishment of the supportive infrastructure. Additionally, the local electric vehicle developers will get a chance to convince the market of their potential to run this business.

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