Climate Energy

Solar cells are on the verge of reaching 50% production

Scientists are working to make multi-layer solar cells more effective. Richard Stevenson investigates why they are more likely to be achieved in space than on Earth. When it comes to solar cells, reliability is crucial. Commercial solar panels, which are made of silicon, usually achieve a 20 percent yield, which defines how much electricity can be collected […]

Politics Space

Governments are expected to do much more in promoting space sector ambitions

The space industry sector has a high potential for improving people’s daily lives, evident in the many areas that the space sector has assisted, especially in the network connection sector. Space study pioneered decades ago, and we have seen what it can do to improve our lives. However, experts claim that space exploration can offer […]

Electric vehicles Energy

Brussels simplifies Installation measures of 500 new EV charging points

One of the main hurdles surrounding electric vehicles includes the fear of inadequate charging stations in recent surveys. It is an issue that many countries globally face, with citizens scared of investing in electric cars due to insufficient infrastructure. In some places, this fear is justified, while people just need education on these resources’ availability […]

Moon Space

Russia and China are talking of cooperating on lunar exploration

The Russian space agency Roscosmos expects to hold further talks with China at a meeting in June drawing on a February deal on lunar exploration. The February deal, which took the form of an MoU (memorandum of understanding), stated China and Russia’s intention to construct an “International Lunar Research Station” near the moon’s south pole. […]

Satellites Space

Satellite deployments are speeding the race to attach devices that are out of control

Two startups’ inaugural satellites deployed this week on different rockets to disrupt the growing internet-of-things (IoT) sector. Myriota, headquartered in Australia, has begun providing its IoT services in the United States and Canada, following the deployment on March 22 by Rocket Lab of the first working nanosatellite Myriota has requested from scratch. That same day, […]

Climate Energy

As renewable energy threatens the future of fossil fuels, the Dampier-to-Bunbury gas pipeline’s lifespan is to be shortened

The shareholders of the longest gas pipeline in Australia, Damper-to –Bunbury, have cut the pipeline’s lifespan, blaming the renewable energy surge. The team has brought forward the end-of-life date to 2063 from the previously set deadline of 2090. According to experts, this move shows a change in fossil fuel industries in the future due to […]