Climate Energy

Solar cells are on the verge of reaching 50% production

Scientists are working to make multi-layer solar cells more effective. Richard Stevenson investigates why they are more likely to be achieved in space than on Earth. When it comes to solar cells, reliability is crucial. Commercial solar panels, which are made of silicon, usually achieve a 20 percent yield, which defines how much electricity can be collected […]

Climate Energy

As renewable energy threatens the future of fossil fuels, the Dampier-to-Bunbury gas pipeline’s lifespan is to be shortened

The shareholders of the longest gas pipeline in Australia, Damper-to –Bunbury, have cut the pipeline’s lifespan, blaming the renewable energy surge. The team has brought forward the end-of-life date to 2063 from the previously set deadline of 2090. According to experts, this move shows a change in fossil fuel industries in the future due to […]

Climate Energy

Solar projects advance renewable resources in Rhode Island

The renewable energy sector has prominent potential in the energy industry as the planet works on cleaning the world, explaining why various companies invest in this sector. A recent report states that the Clean Tech integrator Ameresco has officially started commercial operation in its Tiverton’s site and mechanical process in Cumberland. This milestone will make […]

Climate Energy

Three amendments to the regulatory framework for renewable energy might safeguard humanity in the future

The reduced travels engineered by the spread of the coronavirus will create a temporary solution to the increasing global temperatures. The Inter-Governmental Panel’s projection on Climate Change (IPCC) that average temperatures will increase by 1.5 ºC from the normal levels by 2030 is likely to come true if the international community deploys no feasible strategies. […]

Climate Space

Hundreds of radar satellites will be deployed by ClimaCell to boost forecasts

ClimaCell, a weather data firm, plans to launch hundreds of radar satellites on February 24. ClimaCell Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Shimon Elkabetz stated in a release, “We are developing the first of its proprietary type satellites fitted with a radar as well as deploying them into space to enhance weather monitoring and prediction capabilities.” With […]