Space Calendar 2021 includes Rocket Launches, missions, sky events, and more

For most space lovers, it is no secret that we keep tabs on Space calendars from various agencies such as NASA, ESA, Spaceflight Now, Roscosmos and others. These dates are not always specific since some things are prone to changes during their preparations. In that case, experts advise people not to schedule plans or travel dates with the dates scheduled in the Space Calendar. As much as these dates are prone to changes, it is always fun to look forward to a launch, sky adventure, or mission.

It is advisable to keep in touch with websites from the various agencies for firmer dates. In February, there are various upcoming missions and launches. On 9th February United Arab Emirates scheduled their first mission to Mars. February 10: The launch of Tianwen-1 Mars mission under China, including both an orbiter and Lander. Its land is expected to happen in May this year. February 12: SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket mission to launch 60 satellites for broadband networks. February 14th and 17th, Russia will launch Progress 77 Cargo and its resupply, respectively.

February 18: An arrival at the Red Planet for NASA’s latest Mars rover, Perseverance. On February 20, the Northrop Grumman Cargo ship launch is the most-awaited launch this month. And NASA has announced confirmation of the launch on this day. That’s a highlight of some of the upcoming top missions and launches in the Space Calendar this month.

Throughout this year, other significant launches and missions include the March 4 ECA rocket launch. There are confirmations from reliable sources that the launch will happen. Also, we have many sky events in March regarding the different planets.

March 30 is an essential date since SpaceX will launch the second flight of the Crew Dragon Spacecraft. In May, SpaceX will launch a Dragon Cargo as a resupply mission via the Falcon 9 Rocket.

In late 2021, SpaceX is expected to make history by becoming the first all-private crew launch of a spaceship in conjunction with billionaire Isaacman. It is the most anticipated launch that many are looking forward to, including Elon Musk, the world’s richest man.

All the dates above mark d-days of some of the top launches and missions scheduled to take place in 2021. However, it is also clear that multiple sky events will happen in the year. Many fans are looking forward to these events in the Space Calendar. But whether things will go as planned is something that only time can tell. Check out some of the top agencies’ websites like NASA, SpaceX, and others for daily updates on space-related issues.

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