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Airbus intends to unveil its first satellite factory in space

The European Commission chose Airbus to conduct studies on its behalf and give a comprehensive report. The study will involve spacecraft manufacturing in space via the Horizon 2020 programme. This study will help offer crucial data for the commencement of the PERIOD (PERASPERA In-Orbit Demonstration) program that will be dealing with satellite assembly as well […]

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Satellite images reveal the massive damage left by the Equatorial Guinea explosions

People in Equatorial Guinea witnessed a sequence of blasts ravage the city, making others migrate to safer places. Good samaritans who encountered lost children called into television networks and radio stations seeking their parents. Few days have passed, and Bata residents are still trying to understand the extent of this disaster that has killed 105 […]

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Harley-Davidson Inc. hires Bain exec to lead new EV Division

The EV industry’s popularity keeps rising with time, thanks to the potential it holds. In early February, Harley-Davidson Inc came public about establishing an electric vehicle division with a leadership team. And the recent report claims that the development team has a leader. The Milwaukee-based company stated that it was eager to work with Ryan […]

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Three amendments to the regulatory framework for renewable energy might safeguard humanity in the future

The reduced travels engineered by the spread of the coronavirus will create a temporary solution to the increasing global temperatures. The Inter-Governmental Panel’s projection on Climate Change (IPCC) that average temperatures will increase by 1.5 ÂșC from the normal levels by 2030 is likely to come true if the international community deploys no feasible strategies. […]

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Volkswagen maps out a state-of-the-art electric vehicle that it would be developing

Volkswagen has again come up with an electric vehicle design that will stir competition in this industry. The company stated that the Trinity Project will unveil a battery-electric model in the next five years. The company decided to venture fully into battery and software technology according to the chief executive of the company, Dr. Herbert […]

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The electric vehicle infrastructure in Qatar is a proper channel to pump investment for tech-savvy entities

Qatar is planning to establish its transportation infrastructure to accommodate the new technology that it is transitioning to in the coming years. The country’s vision is to incorporate electric vehicles into a secure, reliable, and eco-friendly transport system. Recently, the country unveiled the developed Doha Metro and will be launching the Lusail light rail transit […]

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New electric vehicle charging stations project ready to kickoff

Governor Phil Scott of Vermont revealed that they would be developing 11 new Plug-in electric vehicle fast-charging stations throughout Vermont for the next two years. These stations will be situated in Randolph, Newport, Rutland, South Hero, Enosburgh, Fair Haven, Ludlow, Johnson, Wilmington, and St. Johnsbury. The chargers will grace the Blink Network promoting the uptake […]

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In 2022, these Two NASA Astronauts will Travel to the International Space Station on SpaceX’s Crew-4 Flight

Humans have been discovering space for more than fifty years, which has culminated in a steady stream of social benefits. By its very existence, space exploration stretches the limits of human understanding and existence in the solar system, and this process has been accelerated by a blend of human and robotic efforts. From the beginning […]

Climate Space

Hundreds of radar satellites will be deployed by ClimaCell to boost forecasts

ClimaCell, a weather data firm, plans to launch hundreds of radar satellites on February 24. ClimaCell Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Shimon Elkabetz stated in a release, “We are developing the first of its proprietary type satellites fitted with a radar as well as deploying them into space to enhance weather monitoring and prediction capabilities.” With […]